Personal Trainer vs Wearable Tech

Technology hit the gym decades ago, but lately, it’s become a lot more fashionable.  There is such a proliferation of personal tracking devices designed to monitor so many aspects of our lives it may not be long before you’ll wear a device to count the number of times you chew!  Wearable technology has leapt off the drawing board, and is heading to a store near you.  Soon, you’ll buy shoes that count your steps and shirts that send feedback to your computer.

Proponents of these devices credit them with everything from better sleep to better physical fitness and there’s something to be said for the positive results because they have been measured.  Some people have become so fit they long to inspire and motivate others.  If you fall into the latter category and wonder where to go to get the training to begin your quest, think Groupon and shop ACE Fitness.  Right now, Groupon is offering discounts on specialized training packages and programs for those who want to become personal trainers and need certification.  In fact, with a Groupon, you can get a deal that saves you as much as $100 off personal training study programs and more when you are ready to be certified.


Many Americans are desperate to get into shape and stay there.  There are too many heart breaking stories of successes and failures and the physical and emotional problems associated with weight management.  Anyone who feels the need to work in the field to aid those wanting to change their lifestyle should check out the classes and continuing education offered by ACE Fitness.

Right now you can save 30% off behavior change classes when you apply a Groupon toward the fee.  This is great for those who really want to dig deepand find the triggers that make people turn to food. Until they develop a tracker that delivers an electrical shock when your finger touches a donut, you’re going to need motivation. ACE Fitness was founded on the principle of providing the certification for those who want to become exercise professionals.  Personal trainers, group fitness instructors or health coach, you’ll find the education you need to take the next steps toward your professional goal.  So get on over to the Groupon site and search for deals from ACE.  The world is waiting for you, and who knows, you just might be the one to come up with that donut detector.